Yoon hwan,kim aka Yoon is a solo musician from South Korea. Play Didgeridoo and Hand pan with electronic music. he based in Australia,  Europe and Korea.

He is working by an artist from Korea from 2003 year and now he going around world and play music since  2011 by his way.

Yoon's music genre is "Highzent music". keywords are Asian, Groovy, Dynamic, Techno, Darkness and Ambience. He always going around the world and sharing his special music. If you never heard his music hope to listen attentively to his sound talk.

He is going every country. so his inspiring way also pretty wide. if you looking for really special music. you can find really special and dynamic sound from his music. He learn from world and sharing to the world by his filtering. He will make you enjoy and make you think by how he thought on his wave.

"I want freedom for the full expression of my personality."

Mahatma Gandhi

© 2016 All produced by Yoon hwan kim.

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